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NEWS RELEASE · 22nd December 2009
This morning, Prospect Point Cafe owner Daniel Frankel joined New Democrat MLA Spencer Herbert to speak out about the impact of the Harmonized Sales Tax on the restaurant industry.

"The HST would be a big blow to the restaurant industry, putting thousands of jobs and the survival of many small businesses on the line. This is made all the worse by the fact that the B.C. Liberals promised British Columbians they wouldn’t bring in the HST, and then just a few short months after the election they went back on their promise and betrayed the people of this province,” said Herbert, opposition critic for tourism and the arts.

“The HST is an unfair tax hike that impacts ordinary families and small businesses the hardest. Like many other businesses, restaurants would have to charge an additional seven per cent with the HST, driving up the cost of eating out for British Columbians and cutting into businesses' bottom lines."

The Foodservices and Restaurant Association has estimated the HST will cost the industry $750 million per year and could lead to the loss of up to 12,000 jobs.

“The HST transfers $1.9 billion in taxes onto the backs of consumers. This means ordinary people will pay more out of their pocket,” said Herbert. “The entire restaurant industry is already struggling to deal with the government's HST betrayal, which will also hit the tourism sector at a time where are they just trying to emerge from the economic downturn.

“The B.C. Liberals are giving the people of this province a lump of coal this holiday season. Next Christmas, people will find themselves spending more because of the HST.”

Carole James and the New Democrats have launched a petition to stop the HST at

Under the Campbell government, B.C. has had the worst rate of full-time job losses, the second-worst performing economy, and highest level of child poverty in the country.
My suggestion to "No tax collector"
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 29th December 2009
If you are in business you should try just that and see just how long Canada Revenue Agency takes to come to your door and seize everything you own to pay the GST they think you owe the government. You can argue with them after they have all your assets and and then prove you are right by the rules set by the people they work for. I would not advise it.

If you are not in business then it qualifies as one of those simple solutions to a complex problem that will not work.

You just have to vote for somebody who promises to at the very least remove HST from a lot of the items so it is "revenue neutral" and then make sure they keep their promise. Difficult task but that is the system we are in.

I suspect the underground economy will flourish because people have to survive. Eventually the governments will have to tax those with the means to pay and that will be the sector who benefits from an HST now. They have not yet grasped the irony.
No TaX Collector
Comment by Ben Christie on 24th December 2009
Industry and NDP stand for nothing. As do all political "Parties"
It's simply a matter of saying no, I did not apply for the job of tax collector and will not allow you to legislate me into becoming one.
If you wish to collect this tax, lease a place with-in my establishment and staff it with your own tax collector. All it takes is one person to bring an end this foolishness.