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The lazy river proves to be the community favourite as the first fifty go around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around in circles.
REPORTING · 23rd December 2009
Walter McFarlane
January was over. Between Councillor Gottschlingís New Years Resolution and Councillor McLarenís beating of a dead issue, the word Alcan was now on everybodyís lips. The Winter Carnival kicked off the month and the first people to enter the renovated pool would finish it off. Kitimat would also see the start of the Safety Camera debate. During this time, the Kitimat Food Bank would find a new location, The Kitimat Museum would celebrate itís 40th anniversary and a filibuster would begin at Kitimat City Council.

Early Feb: Throughout the Winter Festival, there was a snow maze in the Lower City Centre parking lot. Jack Oviattís team built the maze and the snow hill along side it. There were many dead ends but it was a lot of fun.

Feb 2nd: Literacy week ended with the story of the Gípsgolox pole. Three stories of the pole, including itís history and return, were told by Louisa Smith, Cecil Paul, Cecil Paul Jr., the future Gípgolox and Dan Paul, the current Gípsgolox.

Feb 7th: AFFNO held their Annual Maple Syrup Brunch. Excellent food traditional to a Maple Syrup Brunch was served. Joining them was the Kitimat Public Library putting on their Pinocchio Puppet Play. The day ended with toffee on the snow.

Feb 7th: The Kitmat Ice Demons lost to Hazelton 4-3. However, they still had to play two further games.

Feb 8th: The winter festival continued with sleigh rides at River Lodge. An appropriate sled could not be found in time, but the organizers were able to work with a parade float pulled by City Councillor Randy Halykís Truck.

Feb 9th: Donny Van Dyk, Liberal Candidate for the 2009 election introduced himself to Kitimat City Council. A local youth from Terrace, he was a recent graduate of the Commerce Program at UNBC and had gone on to receive a Masters Degree from the University of Victoria.

Feb 9th: Paul Henning paid a visit to Kitimat City Council to attempt to allieviate the fears of the community. He explained in detail the reason for the slowdown in the smelter construction. It was due to the price of aluminium, the economic crisis and Rio Tinto's current debt load.

Feb 9th: Virgil Vales stepped up at the Council Meeting to remind the Council how dangerous power sales were. He quoted McLaren directly from a speech he gave. Mayor Jonanne Monaghan was saddened by the position he took, but he advised her that if things looked bad, the city would be looking to their leaders to be leaders rather than cheerleaders.

Feb 9th: Rick Belmont also stepped up to address the City Council on the presentation made by Paul Henning. He pointed out that the price of aluminium was not as bad as it had been made to appear.

Feb 9th: Councillor McLaren made a motion that administration return to council with information on the Safety Cameras that were approved by the previous council. Mayor Joanne Monaghan suggested that the report be returned by April 9th since administration had a lot of work to do to prepare for the 2009 budget.

Feb 12th: Although it was no grand opening, A&W opened itís doors in Kitimat. ďItís the newest A&W in Canada right now. Itís been something Iíve personally wanted to do for a long time so I am excited that weíre here today. Iíve always believed that Kitimat would want an A&W. Iíve got lots of friends who I know from Kitimat who told me to come down here and do it,Ē said Campbell Stewart. The restaurant did great business on itís opening day.

Feb 13th: The winter festival began itís final weekend with a rail jam. 31 contestants from around the Sacred Circle came out to perform a variety of tricks on a Snow Hill built in the Lower City Centre parking lot.

Feb 15th: As a finale to the winter festival, Magician Dale Downing was in Kitimat to put on a spectacular night of magic. The final wrap up: cake was served and the grand prize was drawn for.

Feb 15th: The Kitimat Ice Demons beat out Hazelton in their next two games. They moved on to play the finals at Williams Lake.

Mid Feb: The Kitimat Foodbank moved to a new location in the mall, the site of the old Doris' Delicatessen. They had been having problems with power and water for the last couple of months and needed a new location pretty badly. The old deli proved to be the best location that they could find.

Feb 19th: The Kitimat Scouting and Girl Guide Organizations joined forces to bring awareness of community problems to the youth. The Hike For Hunger began with donations to the Kitimat Food Bank and ended with the groups walking around the exterior of the City Center Mall to the bowling alley for a game.

Feb 19th: The Kitimat Humane Society put out a plea to the community for help to feed the animals.

Feb 20th: The Kitimat Museum and Archives celebrated itís 40th anniversary with a special get together. On display were many aspects of their collection. Present was Mayor Joanne Monaghan who was in town when the museum first opened and was at the opening.

Feb 21st: Paul Henning appeared before the Regional District to talk about the modernization. He was followed by Robin Austin and Gary Coons who spoke to some of their interpretations of Rio Tinto Alcan.

Feb 22nd: The forth annual Northwest Science Fair was held in Kitimat. Kitimat youth had an abundance of science fair projects testing everything from mold to music. Awards were given out.

Feb 23rd: The first of two public hearings that went on for an hour and a half. Ruth Mills wished to rezone Minnette Bay Lodge from a bed and breakfast to a bed and breakfast with privileges. Council debated on just how they could rezone it according to the BC Building Code and they were encouraged NOT to include the code in their rezoning bylaw as the Millís had already consulted with experts on the subject.

Feb 23rd: Tony Brady payed a visit to the Kitimat City Council chambers to update council on the Community Crime Reduction initiative activities. He reported that restorative justice was experiencing a setback, Citizens on Patrol were still active and Father Peir had organized a fence painting program

Feb 23rd: Kim Siepman updated Kitimat City Council on the animal shelter project which had started construction earlier in the year. So far, the project was running smoothly and they had received 5-6 times the amount voluntarily as what they had spent..

Feb 23rd: Councillor Gerd Gottschling responded to allegations made by Senator Neufeld in the Northern Sentinel. He requested that Neufeld take responsibility for his statement rather than denying it and pointed out that Neufeldís recollection of the event was incorrect.

Feb 24th: The first 50 people were welcomed into the newly renovated Sam Lindsay Memorial Pool. 75 winners were selected to obtain a free pass to try out the new pool. Each was allowed to bring a guest. 50 people went the first night, 50 the second, 50 the third and all 150 people were invited back for the fourth. The pool had still not officially opened.

Feb 27th: Scotiabank put on a special bakesale with proceeds going towards the Humane Society. In addition, the bank had agreed to volunteer time walking the dogs, as well as to hold other fundraisers.

Feb 28th: Campaigning was on. Donny Van Dyk brought the Liberal Bus to Kitimat for a barbecue. He also took the time to show off his new facebook, campaign forum and other webpages.

Feb 28th: the Kitimat Ice Demons won against Williams Lake 6-1.



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What a wonderful maze.  The maze was designed by Councillor Bob Corless and built by Jack Oviatt.
What a wonderful maze. The maze was designed by Councillor Bob Corless and built by Jack Oviatt.
A lone snowboarder on a rail.  The Rail Jam helped to wrap up the Kitimat Winter Festival.
A lone snowboarder on a rail. The Rail Jam helped to wrap up the Kitimat Winter Festival.
Jessica and Stephanie Mailhot help themselves to the maple syrup from the snow at the AFFNO Maple Syrup Festival
Jessica and Stephanie Mailhot help themselves to the maple syrup from the snow at the AFFNO Maple Syrup Festival
"Sleigh" rides at the Winter Festival got a little creative.  The season was truely a wonder.
"Sleigh" rides at the Winter Festival got a little creative. The season was truely a wonder.