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COMMENTARY · 21st December 2009
Walter McFarlane
2009 is almost over. That means it is time to look back on the past year and highlight just what it meant to be a citizen living in Kitimat.

Thinking back, one woman, who is no longer with us, once compared the goings on in the City of Kitimat to a Soap Opera. She passed away earlier this year. When I was first coming up with an outline for the year in review back in September, I considered introducing the year in Kitimat as a play.

Well, not just a play, a musical with all the major events that took place in our community as grand musical numbers rather than events. Throw some humour into the introductory sentence. Drama is a good word to describe the first 9 months in 2009 in Kitimat… Then everything changed…

If 2008 was a year of disappointment, then 2009 was truly a year of tragedy. Has the big project at Alcan rolled forward? No. However, we do have the potential loss of Kitimat’s second biggest industry, concerns for our health care founded on fact but seeded in rumour, two councillors who have been at each others throats since January and a cryptic new year's resolution that feels more true with every passing day.

This year in review will consist of a daily article focusing on the events of the year 2009 that have been covered on the Kitimat Daily website. Many events will have a link back to previous articles on our webpage. At the bottom of each month will be links to the commentaries on the events in Kitimat that were posted.

In addition, we will count out what we think the top 5 most significant events in Kitimat in 2009 as interludes. In each of these interludes, we will look at the significance of the event, the events leading up to it and what came next.

The first part of the Year in Review, January goes up tomorrow. In January: Kitimat celebrated with Literacy Week and the Winter Carnival kicked off with the Canadian Rangers' visit. However, things were not right when Councillor Gerd Gottschling’s New Years Resolution and a statement made at the Regional District sparked a feud between him and Councillor Richard McLaren.