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The Regional District had several new members sworn in at their meeting on Friday, December 11th
REPORTING · 15th December 2009
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council met for their statutory meeting on December 7th. The main purpose of the meeting was to vote for the new representative for the Regional District. A large crowd of people came out to see who would win.

Councillor Richard McLaren nominated Councillor Bob Corless who accepted. Councillor Corless then nominated Councillor Gerd Gottschling. There were no other nominations for the Regional District. Those nominated were given a chance to speak.

Councillor Corless admitted that Gottschling has served well at the regional district. This year, he was able to let his name stand because his current employer would give him time off to attend. He explained that he has worked with the people on the regional district in the past. “No matter who you elect, Kitimat will be well represented on the Regional District,” said Corless.

Councillor Gerd Gottschling, who served his first term on the Regional District this last year was given leadership roles early on as vice chair and as chair of the financial committee. He explained that as vice chair, he would be able to serve a greater role as Harry Nyce, the current chair is also the current president of UBCM. He also stated that he has built a lot of trust and integrity with the board. “I believe that as a Councillor for the past 7 years and a Regional Director, I have grasped the dynamics of regional politics and I am now able to be even more effective for Kitimat during the upcoming term,” said Councillor Gottschling.

Ballots were distributed and collected and the results came in. Councillor Bob Corless became the new Regional District Director for Kitimat. Nominations were called for alternate. Councillor Rob Goffinet nominated Councillor Gottschling. He declined and instead nominated Councillor Randy Halyk who accepted and councillor Mario Feldhoff nominated Mayor Joanne Monaghan. The Candidates were given a chance to speak.

Councillor Halyk expressed that he did not understand much about the Regional District but he was eager to learn. He stated that he does look outside the box and could bring that to the Regional District, he had the time to attend. “I commit at this point that if I were elected, I would go to every meeting,” said Councillor Halyk

Mayor Monagahn on the other hand expressed that she was experienced at the Regional District and that she has worked with people there in the past. “There are a lot of issues that I would like to look at,” said Mayor Monaghan using Eurocan, the weeds at Lakelse lake and several other issues as examples. An election was then held.

Mayor Monaghan was elected as alternate. There was a motion to destroy the ballots which was carried.

Council then moved on to the appointments to the different committees in Kitimat. Three new committees were added to the list. Mayor Monaghan explained that these appointments were ones that she used to hold. She explained that participating in these committees occasionally conflict with her role as mayor.
Councillor Bob Corless gives his speech.
Councillor Bob Corless gives his speech.
Councillor Gerd Gottschling gives his speech
Councillor Gerd Gottschling gives his speech
Councillor Bob Corless signs.
Councillor Bob Corless signs.