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REPORTING · 11th December 2009
Walter McFarlane
The Vote was cast at the City Council Meeting on November 23rd to determine what assistance the District of Kitimat will grant to Eurocan families if the Plant Closes on January 31st. Councillor Goffinet made motion to allow complimentary access to Kitimat Recreation facilities to Eurocan workers and their families for 2010.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff was in favour because this went beyond the recommendation and it opened the door for others who may not be Eurocan workers who found themselves in the same situation. He figured that the community was faced with a difficult situation and that such would not bankrupt them while making a difference for Kitimat Families.

The motion was called and carried… It was unanimous.
Comment by Ben Christie on 14th December 2009
There are too many families in the area who cannot afford to partake of the rec. facilities at all and to give these folks free access in light of all the buy outs , bonuses and what not, is ludicrous at this time.

Perhaps in 1 or 2 years they may need this but not now. If this is all the DOK can come up with as "help" then the whole town is in trouble. Services are going to suffer due to lack of funding in the very near future and this move will not help anybody.

Many Eurocan families that I've spoken also think this is nuts. you want to help somebody, help the ones who need it.

This is simply a political feel good move that means nothing.
Comment by Leon Dumstrey -SooS on 12th December 2009
Eurocan demise was a "SHOCK" to community ,our Major was quoted. I am equally concerned!Yet over one month has elapsed and I still do not see REALITY CHECK addressed!
Perhaps would be wise to note that in nature every SHOCK has an AFTER SHOCK!!
thank you