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COMMENTARY · 5th December 2009
Philip Germuth
Regarding the Regional District elections this coming Monday night I wanted to express my opinion as to why I believe our current rep Councillor Gottschling should stay on for another term.

This letter is not about pointing out the many problems this council has had in its first year or which of our elected officials have been causing said problems.

Reason #1 If this council is now committed to respecting each other and working together, then I believe that given the actions from certain elected officials against our current rep over this past year,maybe Gerd deserves a year in the Regional District without trying to be ousted by Kitimat officials who are supposed to be his team mates.

Reason#2 Given all the important issues that haven't been dealt with over this past year(no RTA modernization,no position on Enbridge, Health care, education etc) along now with Eurocan's possible closure, one would think that all our elected officials have enough on their plate to deal with right now.Another conflict is the last thing we need.

Reason #3-the most important of all- Anybody who has had the opportunity to witness a Regional District meeting I am sure would agree that even with differing opinions,the respect shown by fellow board members to one another along with the leadership skills of Chairman Harry Nyce is clearly evident.

Kitimats rep Councillor Gottschling is respected highly enough by his fellow peers that he was elected to be c0-chair to Chairman Harry Nyce. Chairman Nyce also stated at the last meeting that he would like to see his current group return for another year to continue with the progress they are making.

So I can only hope that our elected officials respect the wishes of the Regional District Chairman - who also was honorably elected to be president of the UBCM - and keep the status quo for at least one more year.

Lets see what happens Monday night.

Philip Germuth.
Fraid not Phil
Comment by Danny Nunes on 7th December 2009
Sorry Phil

The votes are in and after a vote between candidates Bob Corless and Gerd Gottschling.... Bob Corless was voted in.

Yes.... you read that right. Phil pointed out quite clearly in his commentary in logical and plain sense why Councillor Gottschling should be re-elected. Tell me folks. If the community of Kitimat has a City Councillor who is Vice Chair of the Regional Board and can therefore be very effective for the best interests of Kitimat then tell me where the logic is to then vote him out of the position of representative for Kitimat on the board and now force a new Vice Chair to be chosen.

The answer? There is no logic and those who continue to do everything they can to bring about the demise of this community and those councillors who's bias, pettiness and outright disgusting behavior... there are not enough four letter words for me to use to say what I think of you and I will save the editor the hassle of so much editing work.

Oh and here is the kicker folks... there was an election for alternate representative for the regional board... the 2 councillors selected were councillor Halyk and Mayor Joanne Monaghan.

And well what do you know folks... Joanne was voted in.

Heres the great part... Both were given time to give speeches to the audience and this is where it gets really interesting. Councillor Halyk pointed out that if elected he would attend every regional board meeting and Joanne... never said this... in fact during the council meeting she pointed out that she had to appoint alternates for several boards she was part of because her duties as mayor prevented her from attending meetings as frequently as she could in the past.

So again folks... lets use "logic" here.

If you need to elect and alternate for a regional board and you are given two choices... One of them someone who is able to attend every meeting and therefore would be the most effective in the role & someone who admits she cant attend many meetings because of her position... well do I really need to spell this out anymore than I have?

Mayor Monaghan, Councillor Mclaren and whom ever they have gotten to go along with there vendetta... I wonder how you sleep at night. One day the truth will come out and everything that's transpired has been documented and not by the other so called media and one day after all that's happened a book will be written about whats transpired in Kitimat and what really caused the destruction that's so visible now.