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REPORTING · 30th November 2009
Walter McFarlane
Mary Murphy took the stand at the City Council meeting on Monday, November 23rd to address council on what has been going on since Eurocan announced their closure on October 28th.

“This was a total corporate decision. Eurocan had been running at a loss for 10 years and we are dealing with the aftermath of that announcement daily. Fear, disbelief and daily, that information is sinking in. The human resources department along with both local unions and the community have come together to deal with the immediate issues regarding mental health, training and employment opportunities and the council is in direct communications with the Local and especially Joanne, giving hope, ideas and support to any discussion or exploration of ideas,” said Murphy.

It’s more than just council who is getting involved. Gary Warren, CAW 2301 president is dropping in at the CEP office daily and private citizens have dropped by to see what they can do. Murphy expressed the immediate impact that the closure of Eurocan would have on the Sacred Circle as well and whole of BC.

She did state that the CEP is looking for ways to keep the mill running and make it a success. They see it running at high production through it’s announced to close. She commented that the terminal has equipment that can be used for operations that have not been fully explored yet.

The unions have met with BC to discuss a buy out strategy. On Monday, November 30th, Murphy called meetings with CEP members to ask for direction. “The meeting times for local 298 members will be 1:30 pm, 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm and retirees are encouraged to attend. CEP Local 1127, will hold their meetings on December 1, 2009 at 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Scott Doherty, the CEP National representative, will be doing a presentation regarding getting a feasibility study done, and the executive is recommending support from the membership,” said Murphy.

She is unable to speak more to this at the moment. It is still in the early stages but they have key support systems in place. The union is concerned about the financial end of this. The members also need to approve the buy in for this project.
Need to hurry
Comment by Ben Christie on 2nd December 2009
If the union is serious about buying the mill , now would be a good time to apply to the Fed. Govt. before it's too late. There is a 2 month window with 1.8 billion dollars up for grab under the "Stimulous Program" If someone doesn't apply for it with-in this time period , it will be too late. Is anybody listening?