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A map of the Pulp and Paper Mills of BC.  If they are circled, they are gone or going to be shortly.
COMMENTARY · 30th November 2009
Walter McFarlane
January 31st draws nearer. It has been a month since the impending announcement of the Eurocan shut down. 1/3rd of the time gone, 8 hours to midnight. Hope almost seems like a luxury we can ill afford.

And why should we have hope? Mayor Joanne Monaghan cannot make up her mind on the subject telling the city to have hope and telling the evening news not to have hope. Then again, the headlines on Wednesday’s paper seem to say that Eurocan has already closed. It is a done deal with little afterwords.

I say Bull.

So far, Chinese investors have visited Kitimat, the CEP working with interested parties to keep the plant open. Mayor Monaghan even stated that the District of Kitimat is hoping for the best while they prepare for the worst. Even our government is trying to help out. There is talk about other uses for the mill. Let's not talk about the company as if it is in the past. The 31st has not yet passed.

You do not realize what you have until you lose it. Back in 2003, Gordon Campbell’s Liberals removed all the Appurtenance clauses from the forestry industry. That means if West Fraser closes up shop in Kitimat, they would not lose the rights to resources that they obtained by opening that shop in the first place. Having said that, someone at Rio Tinto is laughing.

Who was our representative at the time? Roger Harris. Roger… of Enbridge… Harris.

Draw the lines if you must but now is not the time to mourn. Now is the time to truly hold our provincial government accountable for the sins of the past. Now is the time to work for Kitimat’s future. If… and I use the word if… if Euorcan closes, we make certain that this is the loudest pulp and paper mill that ever closed.

There aren't many of them left. If you look at the photo above, you can see from the map that there are not many pulp and paper mills left in BC. There are not that many company built towns in BC either. Sign a petition, write the government, join the Facebook Group.... Do what you want. There are 8 hours… just over 60 days… left to go…
Hitting close to home
Hitting close to home
While others are as far away as Vancouver Island
While others are as far away as Vancouver Island
Sell it to workers for a buck
Comment by Linda on 30th November 2009
If the powers that be are ready to just walk away from Eurocan and let the whole place just go to rack and ruin anyway, why can't they just sell it to the workers for a dollar and let them have a go at it. And while they're at it, attach the timber licence back.
I would also want to take a close look at past business practices as well. Not all shady deals brew and implement over night. The same names keep popping up everywhere, both past and present. And mostly in reference to their benefit.
I'm hoping Bill Bennet and his gang are in for a rude awakening. Kitimatians are a tough, hardworking honest bunch , and we don't take kindly to being screwed over.
If they think we'll quietly slink away without asking the hard questions and demanding accountability, they're sadly mistaken.