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CONTRIBUTION · 28th November 2009
Margaret Ouwehand
A few months ago, Enbridge held a Community Advisory Board meeting in Kitimat. Several Kitimat residents, including myself, wanted Enbridge to join with us to ask the Federal Government for a public inquiry into the Gateway Proposal. Enbridge Gateway Pipelines president, Art Meyer, has described the $4-billion project as "one of the largest private infrastructure investments in the history of British Columbia", so we believed that this was not an unreasonable request. Unfortunately, we found that we were not welcome at their meeting, and it was only after heated discussions that we were "allowed" to enter the meeting room. Enbridge, however, was not at all interested in our request for a public inquiry. They wanted only to discuss how the project should proceed. They tried very hard to get us to accept their "buckets" of information which had nothing to do with WHETHER it should proceed.

We were very disappointed by the whole procedure, but when we were actually invited to the second CAB meeting, some of us attended. What a mistake! The facilitator, Mr. Dan George, did an excellent job of controlling any input we may have wanted to make, and the only thing discussed was the procedure for conducting future CABs, and who should and who should not attend. I understand that too many people at a meeting may make it difficult to achieve anything, and that having only a few representatives would make it a lot easier to conduct (control) such meetings. But I have to ask why it is called a "community" advisory board. Once again, we went to to the second meeting to request Enbridge to join with us in our effort to get a public inquiry into the project, and, once again, Enbridge had no interest in doing such a thing.

After giving it careful consideration, I respectfully decline your invitation to the third CAB meeting which is to take place on December 8, 2009. When and if Enbridge decides that a public inquiry is in the best interests of all, I look forward to further discussions.

Margaret Ouwehand
Comment by Leon Dumstrey -SooS on 30th November 2009
I see no urgency of the Fed. Gvt. on the subject!


Due to the complexity of the project and Environmental Politics why not have an"Unconditional Referendum" on this and any other major projects here!!

Thank you