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NEWS RELEASE · 26th November 2009
Tracey John Hittel
I sit as chair of the Kitimat SFAB. The Sport Fishing Advisory Board, we have local meetings then forward motions to the main board, held in Vancouver where all regions in the province sit with DFO in a attempt to get funding and talk about our pacific fishery.
With the upcoming closure of the Pulp Mill here in town, the hatchery is vunerable and may lose its ability to produce fish. This is because the mill feeds warm water to the hatchery increasing the growth of the fry for release into the river. 95% of the Chinook that return to the river are hatchery fish. Without the hatchery we have no fish and thus our tourism would be finished.
Any flags we can raise on this issue would be appreciated as we are again looking at more lost jobs here in Kitimat, cheers.

Fish Hatchery Energy & Money Required!
Comment by Donald Rolfe on 5th December 2009
Kitimat has options! 1. Drop the species dependant on the heated water formerly provided by Eurocan and convert the existing facility to support species do not require heated water. Less fish enhancement has to be better than none. In fact, we could increase the cold water species with space once used by the species currently dependant on warmer water which is still a positive. 2. Build a new but smaller annex hatchery closer to the hot springs and utilize abundant geothermal energy to continue enhancing species dependant on warmer water. In fact, if an efficiently designed geothermal model could even be expanded to support sveral regions throughout region 6. 3. Demand increased financial support from DFO as they extract enough money from what I feel have been excessive "resident" license fees to begin with. 4. We may even see fish stocks naturally rebound as nature enters a long and natural recover process.
Comment by Anna-Marie Carstens on 26th November 2009
Is there a meeting about the future of the Kitimat hatchery on Tuesday, December 1st? If so, when and where will it take place?
fish hatchery
Comment by mary murphy on 26th November 2009
We addressed this issue with the company, and really they don't care, not their problem. just like if the mill is not sold it will sit as an eye sore for generations to come, there is no law, no legislation which tells industries that they cannot suck the life out of a company and leave it standing, without legal obligations to clean it up .... we just need too look down the street at Terrace. We need to get together, and raise a little HELL!! don't just roll over.